In our Fair and Lovely Cream Benefits and Review, you will get to know a total review of the product to its core. 

Fair and Lovely Advanced Multi-Vitamin Face Cream has various vitamins that directly benefit your skin, the ingredients in this provide the skin with necessary vitamins such as Vitamin B3, C, E, 

Their Ayurvedic Face Cream is another cream that has some natural herbs to keep your skin healthy, and nourished and provide it 360-degree protection.

Fair and Lovely Cream Side Effect:--

- No doubt, Fair and Lovely have loads of benefits, but it even has a darker side too.

- There have been certain incidences in the past where Hindustan Unilever had to face several legal actions.

- Because of this, the company had to face several legal actions. Their reputation both online and offline went at a huge risk.

- However, the company claims it to be 100% ayurvedic and natural; it has a lot of added preservatives, chemicals, and artificial minerals.

Fair and Lovely Cream Benefit:

1. There are several benefits of using Fair and Lovely Cream, enriched with SPF15 it gives enhances your complexion, protects it from harmful rays of the sun, dust,  and controls un-even skin tone

2. The ayurvedic variant from Fair and Lovely has various ayurvedic herbs and tonics that enhance your beauty naturally.

3. As discussed above, Milk, Kesar, and other essential ayurvedic herbs tend to improve the overall health of your skin.

4. Which makes your face complexion improve gradually with natural and ayurvedic formula.

5. Other variants of the cream also have benefits accordingly. That is why the company even today has a big market share in India.

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Fair and Lovely Cream Benefits, Ingredients, and Review