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Dabur Vatika Hair Oil Review

Dabur, for decades, is known to all of us. The company has been producing several products for us. Health and Wellness, Ayurvedic, Herbal, and other daily use products for general well-being. When it comes to its hair oil segment, the company has a variety of segments to choose from.

BluBlunt’s Dabur Vatika Hair Oil Review covers every aspect of the product. Starting from a general introduction of the product to its ingredients, how to use, benefits, and other key areas of the hair oil.

Dabur has a workforce of more than 7000+ employees, the company produces more than 250 health and wellness products that are both herbal and ayurvedic.

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The company manufactures products in India and delivers to more than 100 countries. Their Hair Oil segment is one of their first launched products under the personal care category.

Dabur Vatika Hair Oil is one of their best-selling hair oil, the product has captured a market, especially the senior ladies.

The hair oil is known for its quick results, it is beneficial for the general well-being of your hair. Olive since ages are known to increase the strength of your hair and make them better.

Keep scrolling to Dabur Vatika Hair Oil Review, to explore more about this amazing product including its general introduction, ingredients, benefits, and a lot more!

About Dabur Vatika Olive Hair Oil

Hair oil has always been a very special tonic for women; the hair oil gives them 360-degree protection.

Olive, for ages, is known for its excellent hair care properties. Dabur Vatika Olive Hair Oil is enriched with Olive Oil and takes care of your hair.

Other than Olive Oil, the hair oil is equipped with Aloe vera and Almond proteins.

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Aloe vera and Almond proteins enriched with Olive Oil make the hair oil great to use. It provides overall nourishment to your hair.

The hair oil acts on basic hair-related problems such as dandruff, scalp itching, and others. Using this hair oil on daily basis will show you some good results.

As soon as the hair oil was launched back in 2013, it gained massive popularity and jump in sales on the month on monthly basis.

Within no time the product was women’s favorite, and it has all the reasons for it. The hair oil treats all sorts of hair-related problems, giving 100% satisfaction to women.

Hair oils are essential for hair growth and general up-keeping; Dabur Vatika Olive Oil is one of the best choices as it takes care of hair and gives them 360-degree protection.

Continue reading Dabur Vatika Hair Oil Review to know the Ingredients, Benefits, How to apply, and a lot more about this amazing hair oil.

Ingredients in Dabur Vatika Hair Oil Review

Enriched with Olive Oil, Dabur Vatika Olive Hair Oil has one of the best ingredients. All its ingredients are herbal and safe to use.

Keep reading this Dabur Vatika Hair Oil Review to know all the ingredients in the hair oil.

Vegetable oil includes:

Olive Oil: Oil extracts from a known vegetable, Olive
A flower with several benefits
Another flower with known benefits
Aloe Vera Extracts 90%: 
Aloe Vera extracts for some extra strengthening

Isopropyl Myristate: It provides lubrication to your hair
A preservative, and for extra lubrication along with shining
Almond Protein Ester: 
Protein extracts from Almond
Sugandhit Dravya: 
For fragrance
Vitamin E Acetate: 
Has several benefits, it benefits the Scalp, improves overall hair health
Another preservative to absorb harmful UV rays


TBHQ: Used for formulation in hair oils
C.I. 47000, 26100, 61565: 
Another preservative

Overall, Dabur Vatika has a perfect blend of ingredients, which ensure perfect hair care and growth. The hair oil has everything that herbal hair oil should have.

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Dabur Vatika Olive Hair Oil Benefits

This hair oil has a perfect blend of ingredients that are ideal to provide the best hair care, especially for women; who wish to have long and shining hair.

Olive oil is known to keep your hairs nourished and provide the nutrients that are required for the hairs to stay healthy.

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Aloe vera gives your hair some extra strengthening and retains them for a longer period of your life.

Keep scrolling to Dabur Vatika Hair Oil Review to know more about its Benefits.

Almond Proteins gives add nourishment and absorb the required UV rays, it also keeps your black and keeps their natural look.

All these ingredients tend to keep your hair healthy and help in retaining its original shine and look for a longer phase of your life.

Dabur Vatika Olive Hair Oil benefits women who wish to have long hair and want to retain them for the maximum years possible. Dabur Vatika Hair Oil is the right solution for this desire of theirs.

The hair oil also gives your hair some extra bounce and smoothness, being a non-sticky hair oil it is perfect for daily use and can be applied anywhere with ease.

It maintains hair health by making them dandruff-free and preventing hair damage.

After knowing the Benefits of Dabur Vatika Hair Oil, continue reading Dabur Vatika Hair Oil Review to know detailed instructions on How to use the product for the best results.

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How to use Dabur Vatika Olive Hair Oil

The directions for using the Hair Oil are pretty simple, just like normal hair oil massage Dabur Vatika Hair Oil after taking a bath.

Massage your hair gently with the hair oil and ensure that the oil reaches the hair roots while you are massaging the hair oil on your scalp.

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Since the oil is a non-sticky formulation; the oil would easily reach every single hair during the massage.

Soon, you would feel that your hairs are more nourished, silky, smooth, and bouncy than before. This is all because of Dabur Vatika Hair Oil.

Keep scrolling Dabur Vatika Hair Oil Review to know the packaging of the product and BluBlunt hands-on review of the product and know our final verdict.

Packaging: Dabur Vatika Hair Oil Review

The hair oil comes in a handy pack of 200ml, which is easily available in the stores near you. It is also available on a popular e-commerce portal as well.

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The graphical representation of the hair oil is also well designed; it clearly displays the ingredients, features, and branding of the company and Vatika Hair Oil as a brand.

Hands-on Review | BluBlunt Final Verdict | Dabur Vatika Hair Oil Review

Under Dabur Vatika Hair Oil Review, we have covered a basic introduction about the company and the product, its ingredients, benefits, how to use it, and packaging.

Now, it is time to know the hands-on review of the product by our expert team, whose sole motive is to try different products from time to time and then review the same for its audience.

Our hands-on experience on the product includes everything, from buying the product to unboxing, using, and reviewing it for our audience.

  • The product was easily available in the market.
  • The hair oil was easy to carry because of its compatible size and grip.
  • The cap of the oil worked well, it opened just with a normal push and twist.
  • As soon as the oil is squeezed out of the plastic bottle, it felt cool on the palm.
  • Soon, after massaging the hair oil on the hair, the hairs were better than before, and they were a lot more shiny, bouncy, and silky.
  • Continue usage of the hair oil will definitely benefit your hair in the long run.

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