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Dove, the name is not new or unknown to any one today; the company manufactures its products in several countries and India is one of them. So let’s start with the dove soap review and know the bathing bar from top to bottom.

dove logo

Both men and women use its products sold in more than 80 countries and just like its logo and name.

Dove being a white pigeon and a symbol of peace, resemble the products offered by the company. They are smooth, mild and soft, suitable for all skin types.

This time at BluBlunt, you would get to know the in-depth study of Dove soap/bathing bar and review the qualities to its core.

About Dove Soap :

The name itself presents a clear image in our mind, it’s purely white in color just like an actual dove bird, the symbol of peace. It is white and the milky texture is very appealing and serene.

Dove soap

It is just a bright creamy and white milky bar added with some soap and detergent properties; otherwise, it could be a cute puff toy, as the soap bar in itself looks so quiet and nourishing.

Loaded with nourishing agents and moisturizing properties, it is ideally perfect for soft skin and beneficial to dry skin.

Unlike other soap’s it will not leave your skin dry but rather moisturized and nourished, ready to tackle the world with the glowing effect of your skin.

Continue reading BluBlunt’s Dove soap review to know the ingredients behind this amazing beauty bar and benefits later on!

Dove Soap ingredients:

Let’s have a look what this amazing soap bar is made up of:

Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate: sodium salt of coconut fatty acid used as a cleansing agent
Stearic Acid:
A waxy agent, used as a hardening agent in soaps
Sodium Palmitate:
Removes oil from our skin
Normal water.
Lauric Acid:
For hardening and cleansing
Sodium Isethionate:
Used to improve the quality of foam (lather) produced from the deterging agents

Sodium Stearate: Used as an additive and flavoring agent

dove soap ingredients

Cocamidopropyl Betaine:
Commonly used as a foam booster
Sodium Palm Kernelate:
Commonly used to remove skin oil.
Added fragrance
Sodium Chloride:
Used as a salt, has its own uses
Titanium Dioxide:
Used as a whitener in soap’s
Zinc Oxide:
Soothes and nourishes the skin
For smoothening and moisturizing the skin
Tetrasodium Edta:
Protects fragrance and other compounds present
Tetrasodium Etidronate:
Extension to tetrasodium edta
Citric Acid:
A common ingredient in soaps and cosmetics

Though it is added with chemicals and other ingredients, they are more of mild in nature and are indeed required if one really wants use a perfect moisturizing and nourishing soap or a bathing bar.

Quantity and price: Available in different fragrance, and thus cost depends accordingly.

Dove Soap Benefits

There are loads of benefits of using Dove Soap; it is one of the best available for dry skin, it won’t leave your skin dry like other usual soap bars. It has its benefits.

You will probably not require an extra moisturizer or nourishment cream after using this soap, as it already has these properties, in ample amount.

Trust BluBlunt, this is the best available soap for the ones who have dry skin; your skin will start glowing and would feel better and nourished.

Dove can be used for face and other body parts as a bathing bar for best benefits and nourishment of your skin.

Continue reading the Dove soap review to know about the packaging of the product and much awaited BluBlunt’s final take on the product.

Dove Soap Packaging

The soap has the safest packing of all, packed well and nicely inside a cardboard case with interactive “milky” look, it looks as if a real dove have been captured inside it ready to swan its wings and touch the sky.

dove soap packaging

The material used in packing is also of high quality, and the soap stays safe and untouched inside it.
It is durable and light in weight, with some interactive graphics that displays Dove both as a brand and as soap.

On hands review of Dove Soap: BluBlunt Verdict

Continue reading Dove soap review to explore the hands on experience of the soap:-

  • The glue used in the packing is very firm, probably to keep it safe and unhurt, on peeling off at the initial level it was not smooth as expected.


dove soap review

  • The soap was in perfect shape, with 3-d curve sized form it was perfect to hold even while bathing. It won’t slip off your hands so quickly.
  • On applying it on face and skin, it felt smooth, as if something soft is poured on the skin very – very gently!
  • The foam also gave out a pleasant milky and creamy smell.
  • Soon it spread all over, and it turned out to be one of the finest experience.
  • On rinsing, it quickly washed out and scraped off all the skin impurities, oil and other “moisturizing harming agents” from our skin.
  • Soon your skin will feel really-really smooth, nourished, moisturized and “milky.”

BluBlunt Advisory: Perfect for all skin types, highly recommended for dry skin beauties.

Dove Soap Summarized
  • Packaging Score
  • Ingredients
  • Quantity score
  • Value for money

Final Verdict

A must buy unless pricing is not a problem.