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Patanjali Soap Review | Benefits | Ingredients | 2022

We hear Patanjali everywhere, the sole reason being an easy and ample availability of ayurvedic, natural, and organic products and that too at very reasonable prices. Patanjali soap review covers everything, from its benefits to ingredients and packaging and everything else.

Baba Ramdev and Acharya Bal Krishan’s publicity and faith are another reason.

These two reasons are responsible for the exit of several international FMCG manufacturers in our country, directly benefitting our own economy and GDP.

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Patanjali soap is one of the best available soaps in the market today and is very good too. Available in different herbs that have their own benefits. Rose, Patanjali Multani Mitti soap, patanjali neem soap, Orange, and several others.

All these herbs carry medicinal properties and are very beneficial for our skin.

Let us start the Patanjali soap review and know every, if, and but about them.

Knowing Patanjali Soap

In Patanjali Soap Review let’s start by knowing Ramdev’s soaps are available in a variety of natural herbs, flavors, and extracts. Patanjali Multani Mitti soap, patanjali neem soap, Mogra, Tulsi is one of the best-selling amongst all.

All Patanjali soaps carry their own fragrance and benefits depending upon the type of herbs and extracts used.


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All have their own benefits, but one thing is common among them, they are suitable for any skin type and will adapt to you and your body eventually.

Patanjali Soaps are very cheap and carry natural herbs and extracts, they are delivering a true sense of Ayurveda to every Indian and generating (again) their trust in Ayurveda and locally manufactured products.

It Is because of Baba Ramdev and Acharya Bal Krishan’s efforts that Patanjali today is a company worth Billions of Dollars.

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Patanjali Soap Review; Benefits

One of the prime benefits of Patanjali soaps is that it enhances the beauty and brings back the lost glow of your skin, Rose Kanti, Lemon Honey Kanti, Aqua fresh, and Sandal are other prominent flavors and fragrance available that have their own benefits and uses.

Other benefits include acne reduction, glowing skin, smoothness, bringing back and enhancing natural beauty, other skin-related problems, and several others.


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These are just a few of the several benefits, continue reading the Patanjali soap ingredients review to know if their packaging also withstands their quality benefits.

Keep scrolling to know more about Patanjali Soap Review.

Patanjali Soap Review; Ingredients

In this Patanjali neem Soap Review let’s discuss its Ingredients. Each Patanjali soap has different ingredients added to it, so let us review the Patanjali soap ingredients of the most common and beneficial soap, Patanjali Neem Kanti Soap.

Being an Ayurvedic Medicine, Patanjali neem soap and its every 10-gram contain extracts of:


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Manjisth – (rubia cordifolia)- 2.5mg – It is an Ayurvedic herb/medicine
Haldi – (Curcuma longa)- 2.5mg – A well known Indian spice, also used as a medicinal property
Tulsi – (Ocimum Sanctum)- 2.5mg – A well know Indian medicinal plant
Giloy – (Tinospora cordililia)- 2.5mg – Another Indian plant with medicinal properties
Amla – (Emblica officinalis)- 2.5mg – An Indian spice useful in various ways
Aamahaldi – (Curcuma amada)- 2.5mg – A medicinal property

Ghrit Kumara – (Aloe vera)- 2.5mg – A well-known plant, whose pulp and extracts are used for skin and digestive disorders.
Neem – (Azadirachta indica)- 5.0mg – Another Indian herb, used as a spice and in medicines, very beneficial in skin treatments and ailments
Shudh Suhaga – (Borax – purified) – 25mg – Technically it is a purified form of detergents

All these patanjali soap ingredients are compensated by base materials such as Vegetable oil-based noodles, Neem oil, sugandhit dravya, Sodium benzoate, and permitted color Aqua – Q.S.

It is a perfect blend of all the herbs which when combined, come out with a wonderful creation, Patanjali Neem Soap.

Quantity: 75gm

Directions: Rub on wet body surface while taking a bath

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Packaging Review of Patanjali Soap

Patanjali Soap Review Let’s about packaging. BluBlunt would rather say that packaging standards do not match the quality of the soaps they offer. 

The graphics used on the packaging paper should be printed in a more interactive manner and with better quality. It clearly shows that just to reduce the overall costs the packaging part has been ignored by the company.


Patanjali Neem Soap (Pack of 10)
Patanjali Neem Soap (Pack of 10)
Enhances the natural beauty and glow of skin; Removes all the dirt; Contains neem which is good for skin
₹ 230 −₹ 32 ₹ 198

This could be the reason that they are so cheap yet beneficial and ayurvedic. Considering the packing part, it is very poor.

However, reducing some additional costs ultimately gives the benefits to the end-user only as the quality of the paper used is also not that good.

Continue reading Patanjali Soap Review and ingredients to know the final verdict of blublunt.

Patanjali Soap Review: BluBlunt Verdict

  • It is easy to peel out of the packet considering the fact that the packaging is very poor.
  • In Some versions of the soap, there is an extra layer of plastic to protect the ingredients from evaporating.
  • It also saves the fragrance of the soap, so that maximum benefits could be felt by the end-user.
  • On applying, the fragrance could be felt as if a perfume bottle is split all over.
  • Ultimately, it will take a foam form wherever it was rubbed on the body.
  • On gentle rubbing and scrubbing, it felt smooth and the fragrance became much better.
  • On rinsing, it felt good and refreshed and the fragrance of the soap is felt even after.
  • Skin gets smooth and nourished; soon you will notice much more benefits, as you will use it daily.

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