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Cinthol is a world-renowned brand solely manufactured and born in India. Being India’s first Deodorant  and Complexion brand, Cinthol is widely accepted by the audience.

Cinthol was born in 1952 and has a huge market share at present. From the beginning, Cinthol is engaged with several celebrities. Hrithik Roshan, Virat Kohli, John Abraham, ShahRukh Khan from the modern era and Vinod Khanna during the 1980s.

Vinod Khanna in CInthol orginal soap ad      CInhtol Soap Advertisement by Hrithik Roshan

It is one of the most iconic soaps that we currently have today. It has strong international presence and many celebrities endorse the brand. Here we present Cinthol Original Soap Review.

About Cinthol Original Soap

Cinthol is manufactured by Godrej Industries and rest is history. It is one of the best locally manufactured soap. BluBlunt has reviewed the soap to its core. Continue reading if you want to know more about Cinthol Original Soap Review by BluBlunt Reviews.

Cinthol Original Soap was one of the first soap to be ever manufactured and released by Godrej Industries in India. Since the day Cinthol Soap was launched, it took the market by storm and is one of the best soap in India today.

Cinthol is manufactured by Godrej Industries and rest is history.

It deodorized aroma is one of its unique qualities. After you have a bath with this soap, you will feel fresh and re-energized.

Mostly available in big stores though easily online, the soap is one of the best choices you can make for your skin. Cinthol original soap has a unique formulation that keeps your skin young and fresh.

Using this soap will reduce the chances of common skin problems. BluBlunt advice to use this soap if you actually want to have a smooth and deodorized skin. It also comes in other variants as well.

Some of them include Cinthol lime soap, Cinthol cool soap. other products by Cinthol includes Deo talc, Deodorant, After Shave and other such cosmetic products.

It is a premium soap that gives your skin 360-degree protection from some common problems such as, bad odour.

Continue reading Cinthol Original Soap Review if you want to know more about Cinthol original soap such as its Benefits, Ingredients, Packaging and further.

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Ingredients in Cinthol Original Soap

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Cinthol Soap Ingredients has a unique formulation to keep your skin young and healthy. Its active ingredients gives your skin your lost radiance and look.

Cinthol Soap is alcohol-free, i.e. it has almost zero harmful ingredients and is safe to use for almost all skin types. Because of this formulation, Cinthol soaps are often suggested by a dermatologist during their course of treatment.

Its one use will keep your fresh and energized all day long, its fragrance normally stays for 4-5 hours. Triclocarban is one ingredient that protects your skin from common germs and infections.

It is a perfect anti-bacterial agent that protects your skin. Other ingredients include TCC which gives it a deodorized fragrance and keeps the skin fresh.

There are other couples of ingredients which are normally required to make a soap with detergent properties, however, Cinthol Original Soap has comparatively fewer chemicals than other skin soaps.

Keep reading Cinthol Original Soap Review to know its benefits, packaging and BluBlunt Reviews final verdict for the soap.

Cinthol Original Soap Benefits

Cinthol Soap’s unique formulation has numerous benefits. The soap which is more than 5 decades old still has the same attire and flavour.

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Some of the benefits of Cinthol Soap include:

  • Skin stays healthy and glowing due to the high TFM
  • Reduces the chances of skin problems by almost 95%
  • Zero Alcohol keeps your skin nourished with actual and active ingredients
  • No Skin damage due to its mild and healing properties
  • No Skin irritation due to very fewer chemicals used in the formulation making it suitable for almost all skin types
  • Leaves the skin soft, supple, moisturized and nourished as well as smooth
  • Deodorized fragrance stays much longer than other soaps
  • Cinthol Soap is one of the most accepted soap especially by male strata of the society. Making it one of the most popular ones in the international market.

Continue reading to know the Packaging of Cinthol Soap and BluBlunt Reviews final verdict.

Packaging of Cinthol Soap

It comes in several types and sizes. It looks like they completely understand a consumer’s needs and demands. Cinthol Original Soap is manufactured in 3 different sizes. Pack of 4, 150g Pack, 100g Pack

Pack of 4 Cinthol Original Soap looks very organized and structured. It can easily be carried if you are travelling.

Pack of 4 cinthol soap | Cinthol soap original review

Though it can be bit bulky, you don’t have any other option if want to stay with Cinthol Soap for your whole travelling period.

The 150g and 100g packs are normal ones just like other ordinary soaps. You just have to remove the cover, grab it in your wrist and rub on our skin while taking a bath.

Keep reading Cinthol Original Soap Review to know the final verdict of the soap.

Cinthol Original Soap Review | BluBlunt Final Verdict

We have till now completely reviewed the soap from its core, starting from a general introduction, then knowing About Cinthol Soap, where we got to know the birth of the soap.

After this, we came to know Ingredients in Original Cinthol Soap where we got to know what exactly is required to make such a wonderful soap.

Benefits of Cinthol Original Soap was another review where we got to know some amazing benefits of the soap. We also understood the packaging of the soap.

Though we have almost reviewed the product from top to bottom, the final verdict of the soap is still left by the expert team at BluBlunt Reviews. Keep reading to know the same.

  • The soap was easily available in popular and fairly big grocery stores near our house.
  • The soap was very attractive, even though there isn’t much creativity in the packaging but it still looks good and simple.
  • Upon bathing, the soap fragrance was good and pleasant.
  • The lather from the soap gave its fragrance the much-needed boost.
  • It actually felt deodorized and fresh after the bath.
  • The fragrance generally stays for up to 6 hours and you won’t be needing any deodorant.


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