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Who does not want to be moisturized and nourished skin Nivea Body Lotion and moisturizers are available in stores near you. With the Nivea body lotion, it is now much easy to have nourished and moisturized skin, and that too at an affordable price, continue reading Nivea Body Lotion Review and get to know about its basic introduction, ingredients, how to use, benefits, and a lot more.

It does not matter to Nivea, if you are as young as 18 years or older than 50 years, Nivea body lotion will do its work of nourishing the skin and making it as smooth as anything is.

Nivea is a worldwide known brand that excels in skin care and general wellness, being a German-owned entity it went through many difficulties during world war Day.

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Nivea has its fans and lovers from all parts of the world, the company’s commitment and optimal delivery to its consumer are one the main reason behind this kind of worldwide presence. Let’s start Nivea Body Lotion Review.

About Nivea Body Lotion

In Nivea Body Lotion Review let’s first we will tell you about the company. The company has managed to create a wonderful skin moisturizer and nourishing agent in the form of Nivea Body lotion.

Nivea in Latin means “snow white”, and so are all its products, white as snow.

All Nivea products help one regains or rebuilt nourished skin. Nivea body lotion is one such product that is a woman’s favorite product. Women across the globe are using this product to nourish their skin and get back their skin’s lost glow or keep it healthy for years to come.


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This body lotion by Nivea is a magical product to them as this easy-to-use milky-white body lotion is a trustworthy investment, which will give good returns in terms of healthier skin than before.

Available with multiple benefits such as repairing skin, dealing with uneven skin tone, general repairing of skin, and others, Nivea body lotion covers it all when it comes to maintaining your skin healthy and well-nourished.

Added with natural minerals and oils, the body lotion from Nivea is a safe and easy-to-use lotion that can be applied 2 times a day.

These skin lotions from Nivea are a fit for any skin type, however, they have a preferred type of lotion for a specific skin.

Continue reading Nivea Body Lotion Review to review the ingredients in the product, benefits, and others.

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Nivea Body Lotion ingredients:

Nivea Body Lotion Review; Added with natural minerals such as almond oil, Nivea body lotion is one of the best choices to maintain healthy skin and tackle all sorts of skin-related issues when it comes to overall nourishment.

Though there are multiple variants of the product, let us review the most commonly used and easily available, Nivea Nourishing Lotion, Body Milk.

In order to maintain the company’s commitment and overall brand image, its ingredients are the most important factor.


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BluBlunt Nivea Body Lotion Review will cover the ingredients of the product in common language for a better understanding.

These ingredients define the product and deliver what they are actually supposed to deliver, continue reading Nivea Body Lotion Review to review what this product is actually made of.

Aqua: Water
Paraffinum Liquidum: 
Liquid wax to smoothen the skin
C15 19 Alkane: 
A solvent
Alcohol Ethanol 99.9% Denat. 3.30% v/v with 0.001% Denatonium Benzoate:
A preservative
To improve the smoothness and moisture content

Cetearyl Alcohol: Used as a lubricant in lotions
Glyceryl Stearate Citrate: 
A white or cream-colored wax to harden the lotion
Use to provide smoothness
Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil: 
Sweet almond oil
Glyceryl Glucoside: 
A repairing agent for dry skin
Maris Sal: 
A preservative and mineral
Sodium Carbomer: 
To thicken and stabilize the chemical components
A synthetic preservative
An anti-fungal preservative
Benzyl Salicylate: 
A clear colorless liquid with a sweet floral aroma
A preservative, hardener

All these ingredients when combined and processed convert to Nivea body lotion that reduces the roughness of dry skin and makes them much smoother and nourished over time and usage.

The ingredients are aggressively chosen and formulated as per the recommendations from the dermatologist with optimum quality standards.

The ingredients in the body milk are also free from any colorants and animal-derived ingredients, as claimed by the company.

Quantity: 400ml

Price: Rs. 217/ though available at discounted prices online

This body milk is also available in a 200ml variant. Keep scrolling BluBlunt’s Nivea Body Lotion Review to know how to use the body milk and its benefits.

How to use Nivea Body Lotion

In Nivea Body Lotion Review we will tell you how to use this lotion.  This amazing body milk is easy to use and apply to the skin, just squeeze out a small quantity of milk and apply it to your skin all over the body.

You will feel that over time, your skin is becoming much smoother, healthy, nourished, and better!

Uneven skin tone, dry patches, overall nourishment, and smoothening of skin; all are covered by this wonderful product.


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This is women’s favorite when it comes to taking care of the skin from all sorts of attacks, be it harsh UV sunlight, dirt, or other attacks as discussed above.

You can use it multiple times a day as per your need, but it is suggested not to use it more than 2 times a day i.e. before going out in the day and before going to bed.

Nivea Body Lotion Review: Benefits

The benefits of using Nivea body lotion are countless when it comes to keeping the quality of your skin and general wellness.

Added with natural minerals, almond oil, and Hydra IQ. This formulation works best for dry skin that makes it into much smoother skin.

Overall, it is one of the best available in the market today and the most in-use body lotion.

Continue reading Nivea Body Lotion Review to know about the packaging of the product and the much-awaited BluBlunt final verdict of the product.

Nivea Body Lotion Review: Packaging

As the product has one of the finest lotions for the skin, the packaging also is very prominent and safe.

Good enough to keep the body milk safe inside the container so that even a single drop of it is not wasted. The nourishing agent that is added to natural minerals and almond oil is untouched inside the container.


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Each drop of it belongs to the sole owner of the product, who can use it anytime to avail of several benefits related to skin.

Available in two quantity-wise variants in 200ml and 400ml. The product has different ways to squeeze out the body milk.

The 200ml pack has a simple opening in which you will have to squeeze and push out the body milk. The lotion is not too dense, but quite similar to a free-flowing liquid that is easy to squeeze out.

The 400ml pack has a push to squeeze out concept, as it is much bigger and bulky in size. It is easy for anyone you just need to press the squeeze button and the rest will happen by itself.

The material used is also good with an interactive display of graphics and other details; it shows the traditional brand color of the company i.e. blue.

It has one of the finest packagings to keep the lotion safe and untouched from the outer world. Keep scrolling to Nivea Body Lotion Review to know the on-hand experience of the product and BluBlunt final verdict.

On Hand Review | Nivea Body Lotion: BluBlunt Final Verdict

In Nivea Body Lotion Review. We have reviewed the product to its core, from introducing the product to its ingredients and benefits. We also reviewed the packaging of the product and covered even the minute of it.

Let us now have a look at the on-hand experience of BluBlunt on using the body milk from Nivea.

  • The mechanism of the squeezer (in the case of 400ml) worked well
  • It spelled out an accurate amount of lotion, enough for a one-time use
  • The lotion is milky-white in color and looks like a holy spirit that will take care of your skin
  • When the lotion is applied to the arms and elbow region, it feels good
  • The lotion has a good amount of glycerin, which gives the skin a nice texture immediately
  • The skin feels nourished as soon as the lotion is applied
  • The fragrance of the lotion was also appealing
  • On using the product for a few days, the skin was better and delivered some good results

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