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Set Wet Hair Gel Review | How to apply | Ingredients | Side Effects/Benefits

Marico Ltd. is the sole force behind that delivering to us one of the finest products available in our country today. With an annual turnover of 6000Crores, Marico Ltd. has eight manufacturing plants located in different parts of the country. Set Wet Hair Gel Review has everything you can wish for, its ingredients, set wet hair gel side effects, how to use set wet gel, and everything else.

Set Wet Hair Gel is one of the productions of the company in its cosmetics segment. Mainly targeting the youth of the country, Marico has managed to create a strong impression in the market today.

It has also surpassed its competitors in terms of overall sales and branding. Livon, Saffola, Revive, Zatak, and Parachute is other popular brands and products that the company manufactures in these eight plants.

Overall, Marico is one of the fastest-growing companies in our country today that targets audiences of every segment, be it age, location, or any other.

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BluBlunt Set Wet Hair Gel Review will review the product to its core, continue reading to know about the product, its ingredients, and much more.

About Set Wet Hair Gel :

Set Wet Hair Gel Review; Set Wet created a strong impact on its audience, mainly belonging to the younger age group. It took Marico Ltd. no time to reach out to people and purchase its Set Wet Hair Gel. With very strong branding and interactive campaigning, it gained many fans.

Set Wet was one of the most readily and easily available hair gels in the market when introduced its first product.

Even today, they have very strong branding and marketing skills. All must have seen Ranveer Singh’s ad “Sada Sexy Raho”.

It clearly shows off, girls get crazy when you would apply Set Wet Hair Gel. So all the boys out there go and get one for yourself ;).


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Available in various flavors, and features and that too at a very affordable price Set Wet Hair Gel is the most common hair gel among the youth today.

Wet Look, Vertical Hold, Super Hard Gel, Casual, set wet cool hold gel review, and Set Wet has everything that you can try out with your hair get make girls crazy around you.

Continue reading Set Wet Hair Gel Review, to know about its ingredients or the chemicals used and its meaning in common man language.

Set Wet Hair Gel: Ingredients Review

In this Set Wet Hair Gel Review, let us discuss its ingredients. Being a hair styling gel and not an oil, it is definite that it is not at all a herbal product and has its own side effects of excessive use.

Added with Pro-Vitamin B5, the hair gel has something good as it keeps our hair stronger. In addition, being alcohol-free is another benefit.

The gel range from Set Wet are less prone to harmful chemicals and mixtures. The ingredients in Set Wet Hair Gels are fair of good qualities that do not have any adverse effect on your hair.

Now that we have reviewed the ingredients that actually make Set Wet Gel a Cool Hold, let us have a look at other important details too.


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Directions for Use:

              1. Apply gel generously to towel-dried hair.

              2. Style as desired.

              3. Leave it to dry naturally

It is ideal for all hair types.

Keep scrolling BluBlunt Set Wet Hair Gel Review to know the side effects of the hair gel.

Set Wet Hair Gel Side Effects :

In Set Wet Hair Gel Review let’s discuss its side effects. With every product, there is always negative traits and outcome involved. No doubt, it has loads of chemicals that are actually not healthy for daily use.

Boys must not apply the gel on daily basis, but can on occasions that will not affect the overall health of the hair.

Excessive use of the hair gel could lead to hair loss and premature graying of the hair and will make you dependent on the hair gel in the end.

Therefore, it is much advisable not to use it on daily basis on occasions where you would actually want girls to get crazy over your hair styling.

Continue reading Set Wet Hair Gel Review to know about the product’s overall packaging and BluBlunt final verdict.

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Set Wet Hair Gel Review: Packaging

Available both in tube and container packing, it is easy to carry and handy. With the tube packaging, it is more lightweight and much advised if you are traveling or want a mobile gel, which you want to carry everywhere with you.

With the container packaging, it is more of a heavy pack as it has more quantity and subsequent weight and price. However, it can also be carried anywhere but it will not be that comfortable.


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It can be well placed on your dressing, just open the cap, take a small amount of gel on your fingers, apply it to your hair, style them up and you are ready to tackle other boys out there with your hair looks.

The USP of the company is its interactive branding and campaigning, so continuing with the trend and culture the company is using interactive images and color combinations to create a strong impact.

The overall packaging review is well above positive, with good quality material, well-used graphics, and other combinations.

On-Hand Review of Set Wet Hair Gel: BluBlunt Final Verdict

Until now BluBlunt has reviewed the Set Wet Hair Gel Review, its ingredients, features, uses packaging, and others. Let us now review BluBlunt experience with the product.

  • The mechanism of the opener worked well.
  • The volcanic opener had an accurate diameter to spill out the gel.
  • The gel was easily pushed out but could create a problem once it gets near empty, as the gel would spread all over inside the pack.
  • As BluBlunt took the gel on its two fingers, there was a very fine fragrance.
  • On applying to hair, it was easily massaged all over the hair.
  • The gel was conditioned yet strong than normal.
  • Fingers could do the styling of the hair; there was no use of any comb.
  • The hair looked good.
  • The gel could create a problem if you are sweating, with itching and irritation on the forehead as the gel would sweep away due to the sweat.

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