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Nivea is a German based company, which specializes in daily personal care products such as skin and body. From creams to deodorant’s Nivea has it all under its bucket. Nivea Fresh Active Deodorant Review will take you to a whole inside-out journey of the product.

nivea deodorant review

Nivea deodorants, appreciated globally because of its appealing fragrance and its long lasting effect. Mostly attracting the male section of the society, Nivea Fresh Active is one of the perfect choices.

BluBlunt review about the deodorant involves a profound analysis of the product covering its packaging to ingredients and from its price to actual value, BluBlunt covers it all.

Continue reading the Nivea Fresh Active Deodorant Review to include everything about the product

Knowing Nivea Fresh Active Deodorant

One of best choices available in the market today, Nivea fresh active deodorant is readily available in the stores near you. Available in differently flavored fragrance, the company claims it has a 48hours effect i.e. its scent stays for 48hours.

nivea active deo review

Which certainly raises questions in BluBlunt mind and more eagerness to review the product to its core.
Nivea Fresh Active Deodorant is easy to use deodorant with a long lasting and strong smell.

It’s ocean extracts keep us fresh for the whole day. The fragrance is also refreshing with a long lasting effect. Its citrus content is better than all the ones available.

With the Nivea’s support, this deodorant is perfect for anyone who sweats a lot and wants to keep himself fresh the whole day.

Ingredients: Nivea Fresh Active Deodorant Review

The most important part of any such products is its ingredients, to know more about the ingredients in the most simple manner i.e. in common language continue reading.

nivea active deo ingredients

Butane: Gas substance
Alcohol Denat. 21.7% v/v with tertiary butyl alcohol/denatonium benzoate:
A cosmetic ingredient
Color less gas with little fragrance
The gas substance
Mixture of various scent chemicals
Butyloctanoic Acit:
Anti-microbial agent
Methyl Phenylbutanol:
Skin germs fighting ingredient
Maris limus extract:
Skin protecting ingredient
Ostrea Shell Extract:
Cold extraction of oyster shells
Persea Gratissima Oil:
Multi vitamin avocado oil helping in skin rejuvenation
Fatty alcohol used as a fragrance ingredient
aqua propylene glycol:
A chemical composition which acts as a skin conditioner


Quantity: 150ml

Price: Rs. 199/-


  1. Spray directly on the underarm skin
  2. Hold the can 15cms away from the underarm
  3. Do not spray on clothes
  4. Do not spray on broken or irritated skin
  5. Allow product to dry completely

Safety Tip: It’s inflammable, keep away from heat, it can even burst.

After knowing the ingredients and other stuff, continue reading Nivea Fresh Active Deodorant Review to review the packing and the most awaited on hands experience of BluBlunt and the final verdict.

Keep reading the Nivea Freshdeodorant review to cover other benefits of the product.

Packaging Review

Just like all other deodorants, its packaging is also handy and fits into our wrist comfortably. A perfect blend of cylindrical shape and circular dial, the deodorant outcasts all others.

nivea deodorant packaging


Total height is 18cm (7.2 inches) makes it handy and easy to use.

The material used is durable, the graphics and printing are up to the Nivea’s brand and consumer’s interest. Since it is made out of metal, the outer body is light and sturdy.

The cap and the opening are just perfect like all other deo’s in the market. When we press the button, the spray injects out in speed, and as soon as the spray collides with the atmosphere, the fragrance was felt all over.

On hand review of Nivea Fresh Active Deodorant: BluBlunt Final Verdict

  • It is easy to open and has a flexible cap, which makes the task much easier.
  • The button to ease out the liquid fragrance in the form of a spray is also flexible and smooth.
  • As soon as we press the spray button, a jet like a spray with a broader radius is pushed
  • Since the range of the spray is much wide, we can smell the fragrance better, and it even covers a larger part of our underarms and body.
  • Overall BluBlunt is satisfied by the deodorant and the fragrance it has.
Nivea Fresh Active Deodorant Summarized:
  • Packaging Score
  • Ingredients
  • Quantity score
  • Value for money

Final Verdict:

A Definite buy for long lasting and crisp fragrance