Are you looking for Best Long Lasting Deodorant in India? If yes, you are at right place.

Deodorants have one of the key requirement to enhance one’s personality. Though they are not directly influencing or shaping your personality, the aroma defines you and your personality in the society. Nobody likes a personality with a bad smell.

A good fragrance from your body would be loved and accepted by all. BluBlunt’s 7 Best Long Lasting Deodorant in India will review the best Long Lasting Deodorants easily available in India both for Men and Women.

Continue reading to know some of the Best Long Lasting Deodorant available in India. These deodorants are long lasting and BluBlunt has reviewed both for Men and Women.

1. Nivea Fresh Active Deodorant

It is one of the finest deodorant available today. If you want to stay fresh and fragrance enabled for upto 48 hours then this could be your perfect choice.

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best long lasting deodorant in india

Below are some of the features and benefits of using Nivea Fresh Active Deodorant:

  • Contains ocean extracts
  • Long lasting freshness
  • Cares for your underarm skin
  • Dermatologist tested skin care ingredients
  • Unique Citrus Leathery scent
  • Fragrance keeps your body odour in check

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2. Nike Casual Deo for Women – Extreme Long Lasting

The most common and easily available Deodorant for women. The range of Casual Deo for Women by Nike is easily available in the market today.

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The deodorants are available in several fragrances and body types. Below are some of the benefits of using the Casual deodorant range by Nike for Women.

  • Pleasant smell, keeps you feel fresh
  • One spray is enough to keep you free from bad body odour
  • Long lasting deodorant
  • Keeps your fragrance enabled for the whole day

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3. Axe Dark Temptation

The best-rated Deodorant for men in India of all time. Axe Dark Temptation is a chocolate flavoured deodorant which was loved by all.

The Deodorant gained massive popularity with interactive commercials, attractive offers and because of its unique fragrance.

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Below are some of the features of Axe Dark Temptation

  • Unique and irresistible chocolate fragrance
  • Keep body odour away
  • Keeps you fresh with its pleasant chocolat smell
  • Long lasting deodorant and protection
  • Safe on skin

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4. Brut Original Deodorant Spray for Men

The legendary Deodorant, Brut is very popular in India. Men in India are very fond of Brut’s smell. Their deodorants are mostly long lasting and keep you fresh all day long.

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Below are some of the features of the deodorant.

  • Classic fragrance
  • Perfect for masculine man
  • Long lasting
  • Strong smell, makes you feel fresh
  • Keeps your body odour free for whole day

5. Yardley London – London Mist Refreshing Deo for Women

Yardley is one of the oldest manufacturers of Soaps and cosmetics products since the 17th Century. Even today, they manufacture one of the finest and purest cosmetics products.

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Yardley London Mist Refreshing Deo for Women is one such Deodorant which is made specially for women with the pleasant smell. Continue reading to know the benefits and features of the deodorant.

  • Refreshing deodorant
  • Makes you feel fresh and pleasant all day long
  • The fragrance of flowers and nature in the bottle
  • Oldest in the industry
  • Available in other fragrance as well
  • Specially made for women

6. Cinthol Deo Spray – Fusion for Women

Cinthol is known to manufacture some of the finest products in this industry. Its Deodorant for Women are equally good.

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Fusion for Women is one such deodorant which is easily available. Know some of its features and benefits here:

  • Unique sandal fragrance
  • Keeps you fresh
  • Gives out a pleasant yet strong smell
  • Long lasting
  • No alcohol, thus keeping your skin safe
  • Premium and unique fragrance

7. Nivea Fresh Natural Deodorant for Women

Last but not the least, Natural Fragrance deo by Nivea is one of the best deo for women available today. The deodorant by Nivea gives you that perfect fragrance which is necessary to keep you fresh and odour free.

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Below are some of the highlights of using the deodorant by Nivea.

  • No Alcohol and preservatives
  • The spray covers your entire underarm easily
  • Feel fresh all day long
  • Safe for your skin

BluBlunt Reviews Best Long Lasting Deodorant in India has listed out the finest and most affordable deodorants available in the country today.

These deodorants are specially picked so that we can cover almost all the requirements of our visitors and so that they choose the best as per their need.

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