Garnier Color Naturals Review

The name says it all, it is the Garnier Color Naturals, a perfect solution to color your hair, added with natural oils blended with modern day technology. Our Garnier Color Naturals Review will cover everything about the product, from a general introduction to its ingredients and proper directions of applying and using the product.


Garnier was acquired by L’Oréal, in the 1970’s after struggling with severe market conditions and rapid declining of sales, L’Oréal came to its rescue and acquired the company


Garnier Color Naturals Logo


Today we all know what Garnier is; its products are shipped in more than 120 countries. It is a brand of high trust.


It excels in general skin care and cosmetics products such as face wash, shampoo, and hair color.


Garnier is everybody’s favorite choice, easy availability of the products in the market, reasonable price, effective results and personalized reach to the customers are some of its advantages against their competitors.


Garnier today is a worldwide known company, delivering cosmetics products and general care products. It has a wide market reach along with a sustained market share and global presence.


On our take of Garnier Color Naturals Review, you will get to review your favorite hair color from Garnier, to its core. From the general introduction of the product to its ingredients, proper directions of using the product, packaging, benefits and a lot more, continue reading to explore all these at one place.


About Garnier Color Naturals

The hair color product from Garnier is one of the finest available on the market today. Available in several, hair colors options added with minerals and oils is the USP of this hair-coloring agent.

About Garnier Color Naturals

Available in different colors, Natural Black; Darkest Brown; Burgundy; Brown; Light Brown, with different shades, shows the variations and options the company is giving to its customers.


All the options and variations and are for women, but they do have separate options for all men out there.
Natural Black, Burgundy is a couple of options in different shades are available for a male audience again with promising results equipped with naturals minerals and oils.


Garnier Color Naturals for Male


As per the company’s branding, Garnier Color Naturals not only color your hair but also nourish them as the coloring agent has 3 precious oils – Olive oil, Almond oil and Coconut oil.


Rich long lasting color covering 100% of gray hair is another feature that one might not get with any other random hair color.


Also equipped with a pleasant fragrance, rich, non-drop formula is one of the rarest USP that is generally not available with another hair color.


With easy to use and apply procedure, Garnier color naturals has made it pretty easy and convenient for the general public to color their hair comfortably without going to a salon and paying a real hefty amount.


Continue reading Garnier Color Naturals Review to know the ingredients of the product in normal language and know what actually makes this an amazing product. Directions to use, packaging, etc. is covered in the later part.


Garnier Color Naturals Review: Ingredients

As discussed already, there are several color shades by Garnier, let us review the most commonly available and the most used by the audience.Garnier Color Naturals Ingredients


The black shade from Garnier is one of the best and most used by both women and men all around as a real black and shiny hair is loved and appreciated by everyone.


Continue reading Garnier Color Naturals Review the ingredients and composition of the color in common-man language. Judge by yourself if it is worth it!


The pack contains following items:

  1. Hair colorant
  2. Developer Milk
  3. Conditioner Sachet
  4. Gloves
  5. Brush


Let us review the ingredients in Hair Colorant and Developer Milk.


Ingredients in Hair Colorant


Garnier Color Naturals Hair Color Ingredients

Water: Regular Water
Cetearyl Alcohol:
Known to soften the skin and hair
Used in the formulation of such hair dye
Propylene Glycol: 
Added in Hair dye products so that color sticks to hair
Used in the formulation
Cleanse the skin and hair
Ammonium Hydroxide: 
Used as a pH balancer
Lauric Acid: 
Essential Oil
Hexadimethrine Chloride: 
A preservative, with other benefits too
Glycol Distearate: 
A thickening agent
A prominent ingredient in hair dye
A type of dye
Used as a fragrance
A thickening agent with combining properties
Silica Dimethyl Silylate: 
To give natural shine to hair
Cl 77891: 
A coloring agent
2,4-Diaminophenoxyethanol HCl: 
Used in the formulation
Another agent used in the formulation
Ascorbic Acid: 
Also known as Vitamin C, used in the formulation
Olive Fruit Oil: 
Olive oil
Ammonium Thiolactate: 
Used as a fragrance
Has a variety of functions
Pentasodium Pentetate: 
To combine all the chemicals
N, N-Bis(2-Hydroxyethyl)-p-Phenylenediamine Sulfate: 
A color enhancer
Typically a wax
Fragrance. (F.I.L C29328/1): 
A fragrance agent


Ingredients in Developer Milk

Water: Regular water
Hydrogen Peroxide: 
To brighten the hair
Cetearyl Alcohol: 
A protecting agent to hair
Sodium Stannate: 
Encourages change in hair color
Trideceth-2 Carboxamide MEA: 
A foam booster
Pentasodium Pentetate: 
A binding agent
Phosphoric Acid: 
A fragrance
A coloring agent
Tetrasodium Pyrophosphate: 
Used as a buffering agent
Glycerin (F.I.L. C13169/25): 
To smoothen the process


How to use at home

  1. As per the instructions on the pack, use must do a skin allergy test 48hours prior to applying on your hair.
    If any itching or uneasiness must visit a physician before proceeding further.
  2. Wear the gloves and mix the developer and colorant in a non-metallic bowl as per the ratio mentioned on the pack.
  3. Divide your hair into sections, start from the root of the hair and then firmly on the tips. In this way, you would be covering the maximum gray
  4. Let it dry for 30 minutes and then rinse off and wash hair properly.


Benefits of Using Garnier Hair Color Naturals

Being a nourishing crème based hair color and enriched with three precious oils, Olive, Almond, and Coconut.


It is available in eight rich, vibrant shades long lasting color and gives 100% gray coverage.


All the three oils and are very useful for the general care of hair and their well-being. Olive oil is an excellent agent that takes care of the hair as a whole and makes them silky smooth.


Almond oil is for nourishment and general repairing of hair since ages almond oil has been a primary ingredient when it comes to hair care. A couple of researchers has also backed this ancient belief and are now recommending almond oil as one of the prominent when it comes to hair care.


When it comes to coconut oil, it is another ancient oil used for 100% repairing and protection of hair. Coconut oil and its extract is a major ingredient in all hair care products highly recommended by dermatologist worldwide.


Overall, when it comes to the benefits of using Garnier Hair Care products, it has three important or as the company says 3 precious oils which along with coloring the hair gives overall nourishment and discourages any side effects associated with using the product.


Even though it has 3 precious oil, there are some side effects associated with using the product, however, they solely depend on person to person and their compatibility of using such hair colors.


Quantity: Available in 70ml + 40g packing

Price: Rs. 175/-


Continue reading Garnier Color Naturals Review to review the Packaging and much awaited BluBlunt take on the product.


Packaging Review: Garnier Color Naturals

When it comes to packaging and delivering the product to its customers, Garnier overtakes all other hair color and delivers one of the best hair colors to us, undamaged and untouched.


The material of the cardboard is also fine with the interactive use of graphics and indicators. All the ingredients, directions for use, about the product are clearly mention on the packaging of the product.


The pack also keeps safe all the contents i.e. developer milk, hair colorant, conditioner sachet and the gloves.


Packaging of Garnier Color Naturals


All these contents are well pack with optimum use of quality which leads to zero damage during the delivery of the product.


Such packaging is an inspiration for its competitors and must be encourage.


As discussed above, the packaging also makes itself clear to first time users, safety instructions; match your hair tone, general instructions, ingredients and everything else.


When it comes to packaging, Garnier color naturals no doubt takes away the share.


On Hand Review | Garnier Color Naturals: BluBlunt Final Verdict

For our readers, let us just recap the journey so far.


We started off with the introduction about the company and then the product, its features in brief; composition and other parameters, then BluBlunt covered the ingredients of the product powered with directions of using and benefits of the product. We covered the packaging of the product and its inner contents too.


In our Garnier Color Naturals Review, we have covered the maximum about the product, from top to bottom.


An expert advice is always require, so continue reading Garnier Color Naturals Review to know BluBlunt take on the product and the on hand experience.


  • The product was easily available in the market
  • It was a bit bulky in both in size and weight, but it does not actually matter as it has something very wonderful inside
  • On peeling of the first layer, everything was well packed inside the case, conditioner, developer milk, hair colorant, instruction manual.
  • BluBlunt followed all the instructions in the manual and did the same as it was mentioned in it.
  • BluBlunt left the paste for 30 minutes and then rinse and washed it with the conditioner.
  • What BluBlunt then felt was amazing, pure black, shiny, silky and smooth hair.
  • There was not a single gray hair left, hair was just perfect ready to face the world and accept the appreciation from everyone.
  • BluBlunt highly recommends Garnier Color Naturals to its audience.

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